Run your Business Without Worries

We pride ourselves in providing a personal service. As one of our clients, you’ll have an account manager ready to help you, with whatever you might needwhenever you might need it, we’re just a phone call, text or email away, whatever you prefer.

As a new client, we’ll tailor a program to your specific needs, so you can run your business without worries, we know what it means to be out there on the road doing your part. Some of our general program features are shown below.

What we Offer

97% Cash Advance

Get 97% of your invoice amount today or if you prefer, receive less today and then get a little more once we collect on the invoice, that's up to you.

Same Day Funding

If you send us an invoice before 3 pm we’ll pay you the same day, heck, we’ll even do exceptions sometimes if you ask us nicely :-). We offer payment options for you to choose: ACH, Wire Transfer, Instant Pay, EFS Transfers.

Credit Checks

We’ll check the credit of your customers for you, to make sure neither of us loses money. If you ask us, we'll even do additional in-depth reviews and discuss the risks we believe to be present with certain customers.

Personal Service

We’re available and ready to help whenever you need us, you’ll know us by name and so will we. No bureaucracy, no nonsense: Do we need to say more?

Fuel Card

We have the coolest fuel card out there, the one everybody wants but only few can have, the Little Mountain Logistics Black Card, get yours today and enjoy significant fuel discounts at all major truck stops.

Client Portal

Its there for you if you want to use it, you can check credit, submit paperwork, view your payments, check your reserve balance and much more, just a click away.

Ready to Start?